Pros and Cons of Staying Home

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Prewriting Chart

Subject: person, place or thing (kitchener)


I feel safe and secure in the area I grew up in
However, I feel trapped in my own security and it inhibiting my growth

Question: Why do I feel the need to leave a place with good economy, close relatives/friends and a great economy?

Describe the scene:

Sunny skies, full grown trees, kids playing, everyone always smiling.

Opening of new schools, lots of convenient stores, lots of apartment buildings but not any signature landmarks like the CN tower or The empire state building.

Malls were more crowded, kids played more outside because of the lack of technology compared to now (i.e computers, laptops, iphones etc.)

Mixture of young and old people, moderately populated.

Very lively during the day and night, not a high crime rate since it was not influenced by media.

I remember the mayor Carl Zehr cutting the ribbon for the opening of a new elementary school (Lackner Woods public school). Even though it was a small event reporters and the press were there to capture the moment and was showed on the news. In fact many small events was put on the news as a way of showing the importance of our community. News reporters where abundant in the city.

The changes

Has not changed much from when I was younger. Thus, making me feel more safe as I can still relate to the surroundings and landmarks.

A lot of family situated close together, elementary schools still in the same locations.

Many folks still living here that I grew along side with / sharing memories.

Has become a lot more calm and subtle however, certain areas are generating crime.

Due to level of crime today news reporters remain abundant but now for reporting negative stories compared to my pre-adolescent years being in this city.

The younger generation has a higher level of corruption compared to my earlier years. More students doing drugs, suicide rates, fights etc.

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