Pros and Cons of Social Promotion

Topics: Education, Teacher, Sociology Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: January 24, 2009
Pros and Cons of Social Promotion

In the Bahamas and around the world, there is a crises faced in schools that seemingly can only be dealt with in one way ‘Social Promotion’. This is a phrase used to address those students that are not ‘academically inclined’. More often than not these students are either suffering from learning disabilities or they are not given an equal opportunity to excel in school.

In this essay I would like to address, in details, some of the positive and negative aspects of what is know as social promotion.

One of the very important benefits of promoting a child who is not academically capable of functioning to a higher class is giving that child an opportunity to have children in his peer group to be role models for him. The child could continue to develop socially even though he may not be able to function at his class level.

A child in this state could benefit and learn from the other children of the same age group if placed in the same environment with them. Many times even the most well trained teacher may not be able to get certain concepts over to the fastest learning student but another child could reason in a different way that can prove to be more understandable. It is with this in mind that many schools have implemented social promotion.

Another factor that is on the positive side of social promotion is the fact that it reduces overcrowding in the class and in effect the school. Allowing students to repeat a class if they prove to be incompetent for another level will reduce the possibility of having an average sized manageable class. This will in fact allow children who are willing and able to learn to do so in an ideal environment.

If I was a child who suffered from learning disability and was left in a class year after year with children who came and met me there and move on and leave me, I know I would become frustrated and eventually stop going to school. Promoting such a child will reduce the thought of...
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