Pros and Cons of Social Networking

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  • Published : April 14, 2011
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For my project I researched the pros and cons of social networking. For this, I picked the social disciplines Sociology, Economics, and Psychology. Social networking can have advantages and disadvantages as well.

Sociology was very useful for this because sociology is about how people relate to each other socially. Social networking has become a way to communicate with each other. Some of the scholarly journals that I found were about how people communicate and relate to each other online. Social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter are really popular online communities. It's where many teenagers and young adults talk about their interests and many other things as well.

Psychology was also very useful for this topic. For this topic, the journals talked about how the social networks were a way for teenagers to express themselves. It supports teenager for being creative. However, I think that teenagers and young adults spending all this time online can be negative in a way. This could prevent teenagers from doing things like reading books, playing sports, or doing their chores. The journals also talked about women could be affected by this too. Another con would be that there isn't a lot of privacy on these websites. If people post most or all of their personal information, it could be dangerous.

Economics also came in handy for my topic on social networking. The scholarly journals stated that businesses, small or large, can use online social networking to their advantage. Businesses can sign up to these sites and take out advertisements there instead of always paying for expensive advertisements. They also talked about how this can affect employees and the way they do their job. It can cause them to get too distracted.

Social networking sites are a really effective way to communicate. It's fast and it's not expensive. It can also create new friendships and business relationships or it can make them stronger. Social networking...
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