Pros and Cons of Public School

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Pros and Cons of Public School Attendance
Given the low economic status almost worldwide, more and more people choose to send their children to public schools so they could start saving up for college, which we all know costs quite a lot. If you want to have an idea how public schools are funded, zoned, operated and the pros and cons of attending a K-12 public school, read on and you might find the information that you are looking for. Public schools are funded by tax revenues from federal, state and the local governments. Every school has geographic boundaries to determine which students can attend where to avoid overcrowding each school. The children will know which public school they can go to depending on the area where they live. The public school’s general curriculum and program are customized by the state and they follow a standardized testing result, along with other statistical measures about attendance and graduation rate which provides the state with information about the performance of each public school. If the school does not meet the state minimum requirements allowed, students are directed to enroll in a different public school. To become a teacher in a public school, one must be state-certified; the person must have experience in student teaching, must have a college degree and must have a license to teach. The teachers of public schools get tenure after a certain number of years in service and the state regulations make it hard for public schools to just fire a poor teacher who has a clean record and has not committed any gross misconduct. Since it is stated in the law that public schools are required to educate children, each child in the zone or district gets automatically assigned to a specific school. The things that parents must do to enroll their child to a public school are identify the school zone in which their child lives by visiting the website of the school district or their state’s education department, find out when the...
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