Pros and Cons of Nikes

Topics: Marketing, Electronic commerce, Online shopping Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Subject: Information TechnogiesChapter: E-Commerce
Dated: 17-03-2013Assignment: 3rd
What is e-commerce?
E-commerce is the use of electronic systems to engage in commercial activities. Businesses use ecommerce to buy and sell goods and services create greater corporate awareness and provide customer service. Yes, I agree with the statement most of the business engages through internet. The Internet plays an important role in a much larger number of transactions than those completed online. We depend on it. When we want to research about a job we look for advertisements and which companies advertised it. Also, when we need to buy any product we search on the business's website for that material and information. If you are not fully engaged in using your website to market your product or service, e-commerce can present a momentous opportunity to expand your business on a world-wide scale. This section serves as a primer for your business to leverage opportunities in e-commerce. Businesses into ecommerce it all depends on your perspective. It's a good move for businesses to take advantage of ecommerce. I mean, there is undoubtedly an unlimited and untapped market online. You will be able to have a real-time monitoring of your transactions. Features of E-Commerce:

Transparent and effective protection
Fair Business, Advertising and Marketing Practices
Real Time Confirmation Process
Online Payment
Dispute Resolution
Privacy –
Education and Awareness
* Online Shopping Preference
1., which has one of the highest sales volumes of any Web-based business, has optimized its site for the nature of its products and the preferences of its customers. 2. An individual purchases a book on the Internet.

3. A government employee reserves a hotel room over the Internet. 4. A business buys office supplies on-line or through an electronic...
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