Pros and Cons of Multiple Births

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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Having a baby is a life changing experience. It is one of God’s greatest miracles where new life is created. A woman’s body becomes the home of an embryo and with care, nurture and patience becomes a baby. A mother eagerly awaits the moment she finally meets her newborn baby. Can you imagine the thoughts that runs through her mind when she finds out that her new addition will not be one but two, three, four or even more at one time. This miracle of life is called multiple births. A multiple birth is when more than one fetus is carried in a single pregnancy. It can be caused by many reasons and has its pros and cons. According to the “Cycle of Life” written by Tordar Booker, depending on the number of offspring different names are used to address them. The most common multiples are twin and triplets. Identical twins form when there is a change in the regular process of embryo division. Sometimes after fertilization, the embryo splits into two, create identical twins. There are many different reasons this could happen and there has actually been a rise over the years in the amount of multiple births recorded. Booker also states that identical twins share 100% of their DNA, which means they will share the same sex and appearance. Identical twins are also called monozygotic twins or maternal twins. Although people cannot fully explain how multiple births happen, but it is believed that it is genetically determined through the mother. The book further says that sometimes a woman releases two eggs from her ovaries, when two different sperm fertilize these eggs, two fetuses develop. These are known as fraternal twins and share only half of their DNA and do not necessarily look alike. Sometimes they can even be the opposite sex. One may be short while the other tall, they may have different complexions, color hair, and one may even look like the mother and the other look like the father. When there are more than two fetuses it can be called three...
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