Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana

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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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Pros And Cons of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is something that has been considered making legal in California for a couple of years now. People are allowed to get there medical marijuana card very easily in California if they qualify for some of the illnesses that medical marijuana is supposed to help with the pain that the illness causes. There are some pros and cons about medical marijuana which people who do use medical marijuana should know. * Believe it or not there are actually some pros of medical marijuana. It can help with Aids, Arthritis, Asthma, Autism, Cancer/Tumors, Crohn’s Disease / IBS, Depression / Mental Illness, Degenerative Diseases, Diabetes, Eating disorders, Epilepsy / Seizure Disorders / Glaucoma / Harm Reduction / intractable Breathlessness, Migraine, Multiple Sclerosis, Nausea, Obstetric Problems, Pain, Phantom Limb Pain, and PTSD. All of these symptoms and illnesses can be helped with the use of medical marijuana. The pros with having a Medical Marijuana card is that it is developed in different ways that you can use it. You can use medical marijuana by drinking it, eating it, and smoking it. They have come out with different dosages for eating it, which falls into your requirement for the illness you have. Medical marijuana is one of those things that some people call a drug. Some people actually need it for their illness and would rather use it instead of popping a pain killer which has major side effects and can cause liver damage and also people can overdose which can be fatal. People argue and argue why it isn’t legal for everyone. The reason for this is because it should be like it is today for medical use only and not for everybody because everybody shouldn’t do it. * There are some cons about medical marijuana. Marijuana makes your reaction time slow, you have a loss of memory, coordination is suppressed, and it damages your heart, lungs, and immune system. People that think marijuana has not damaged your...
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