Pros and Cons of Mandatory Retirement

Topics: Retirement, Mandatory retirement, Aging Pages: 2 (300 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Argument for the mandatory retirement

1. Mandatory retirement polities remove senior, high-earning workers and replace them with entry-level workers, which may save the money.

2. Mandatory retirement also reduces or eliminates the phenomenon known as plateaued workers. Plateaued workers contribute to greater absenteeism.

3. Mandatory requirement would inject a new energy and innovation into any given field, and would combat unemployment among young people.

4. Mandatory requirement keeps companies lively and dynamic hiring entry-level workers.

∴ Mandatory retirement policy is needed for companies, for there are far-reaching economic consequences to mandatory retirement.

1. Journal Gazette: Mandatory Retirement’s Pros and Cons 2. International Debate Education Association: This House Would Institute a Mandatory Retirement Age

Against mandatory retirement

1. Retirees who are forced out of their jobs lose their earning power and may become reliant on social security and other publicly funded programs. It could cause the increase of the social costs

2. Mandatory retirement can have the negative effect of creating an image of older workers as inept and unable to contribute to society

3.  Companies with mandatory retirement practices lose important, experienced portions of their teams when experienced, productive employees are forced to leave. 

4. Forcing people to retire at a designated age is a "one size fits all" approach that is clearly discriminatory.

∴ Mandatory retirement could causes low productivity and social problems.

3. Towers Watson: Mandatory Retirement Revised...
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