Pros and Cons of Judging Teachers by Their Degrees

Topics: Education, Teacher, Academic degree Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: November 7, 2012
How successfully teachers perform inside the classroom and how much they know about their subjects are issues of great debate among society. It has recently been suggested that teachers’ success in the classroom depends on the levels at which they passed their degrees at university. However, there are other views that harshly oppose this perspective proposing that it is impossible to determine whether a degree gives an educator teaching competence or not. This essay will develop the pros and cons of deciding on teachers’ efficiency and performance in the classroom with regard to their degrees and qualifications at university. On the one hand, there are many convincing arguments supporting teachers with excellent grades at university. For instance, from the view point of parents, having teachers who have achieved high standards at university in the classrooms can ensure that their children are being taught by experts in their subjects. In other words, the quality of the knowledge that children receive can be supported by the high qualifications those educators obtained. Another point in favour of judging teachers by their degrees, as viewed from teachers’ perspective, is that it encourages all educators to continue improving their knowledge so as to receive university degrees of higher levels that give them more prestige and a higher “status”. In addition, it may be a possibility for teachers to meet one of their strongest aims which involves being regarded at the same level as doctors and lawyers not only socially but also economically. Furthermore, stronger views claim that requesting educators to meet minimum academic standards will help the educational system to prevent lazy and poor teachers from both prejudicing children’s chances of developing the skills necessary for future success and wasting parents’ effort and money. On the other hand, contrasting opinions argue that there are some drawbacks to relying on degrees at the time of deciding whether...
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