Pros and Cons of Euthanasia

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  • Published : November 27, 2010
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Is euthanasia a helpful or a cruel punishment? I have two ways of going about this topic. I see it has good and bad in my point of view. You have to ask yourself is it going to be better for our animals if their sick, injured, or old. Then the other time people want to put their pets down are when they get aggressive, or want to get rid of them, or have to. Everyone has their own feelings about this subject it’s kind of a hard topic to think about. If you have a pet that is getting to old and having many problems then maybe you should look into putting them down. Why, would you want them to be suffering just to keep you happy with a companion? Now if they are horribly injured and can’t get better, what would you want? Leave them to sufferer or put them out of misery. If the happen to get sick from natural causes and can’t recover. Hard choice to make when it comes to you loved pet. But you have to think about what’s best for them and their health. Only some shelters keep animals till they get adopted. My thoughts about why it’s a cruel punishment, when animals are left in our animal shelters for more than a week then are taken to be put down. Did they do anything wrong, No, did they have a real chance of living. That’s where you run in to the problem, if no animals but the hurt, sick, and old were put down, would their get to be too many animals? When an animal cannot be trained to respect every need, they don’t get a choice of their fate. Animals should be treated like we always want to be treated.

“In my belief they don’t need to put down as many dogs as they do now. Animals should only be put down if they are aggressive, when they aggressive they sometimes can’t be broke of it. When dogs are used for illegal dog fighting they are raised from puppies to be aggressive. When this happens and they get taken in to a shelter as adults they usually are not able to be calmed for a good house pet. These aggressive animals are dangerous for children and adults....
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