Pros and Cons of Culture Shock

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Name: Do Manh Thang
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Pros and cons of culture shock

Culture shock is an inevitably phenomenon which occurs commonly in our daily life. I believe that most of us have experienced culture shock by one way or others but some of us did not notice its influences in our life, and some even did not recognize it. In this paper, I will discuss about the pros and cons of culture shock. I will also tell you about my sparkling experience of culture shock to illustrate these pros and cons in more detailed and realistic approach.

Normally, you may assume culture shock as the stress and the feeling of disorientation you experience in a new culture or new country. But culture shock basically refers to a stressful transitional period when individuals move from a familiar environment into an unfamiliar one. For the first thought, it seems to be very terrible and lead to bad impacts on individuals who suffer it. However, culture shock can also have positive implication as well as its negative implications.

For the negative side, culture shock negative implications include three major issues. First, after a long period of feeling stress, you may suffer some psychosomatic problems such as headaches and stomachaches… Second, you may also face some affective upheavals, which consist of feelings of loneliness, isolation, depression, drastic mood swings, and interaction awkwardness caused by the inability to perform optimally. Another negative implication you may have when you undergo culture shock is the cognitive exhaustion, which caused by difficulty in making accurate attribution.

I had been a student of Vietnam Medical University before I took a decision of moving to Foreign Trade University. As a sojourner moving from an environment of one university to another environment of another university, I did also experience the negative implications of culture shock.

For very first times, I were shocked to recognize that...
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