Pros and Cons of College and Professional Athletes

Topics: Professional sports, Football, Amateur sports Pages: 4 (1329 words) Published: October 13, 2011
I will be raising some differences and some similarities between college athletics and professional athletics and show how each pertains to social and individual obligations. I would like to first talk about some advantages of being a college athlete.

First of all, there are no trade possibilities. Depending on the performance in the games, one may be set back to a non-starter role, but will still be part of the same team as long as the academic GPA is at, or above, the passing level. If not, a player could be suspended from the team until such levels are met. However, this can go either way. I also believe there is much more pressure to excel in college sports, due to the fact that people need to perform at their very best each and every day to advance to the next level in their sport. More on individualism, due to the fact the player must make a name for themselves in order to have a better chance to be able to advance to the next level of competition. It can play a part on the social aspect, whereas if a player does not give their 110% ever game, their performance can and will affect the fans, team and even future scouting prospects. There is also the position notoriety factor that plays into this as well. In college athletics, one is usually up against similar to lesser skilled athletes; therefore it is not as difficult to compete for a role on the team. This can affect both social and individual aspects, since there may be less players trying out for the said position. It could be easier for a player to be selected based on this.

Some of the disadvantages in college athletics will be discussed next, starting with the rules of the NCAA. Some of these rules state that athletes cannot accept meals, clothing cars, car repairs, allowances, or money from friends, coaches, boosters, agents, and so on. Players cannot even take part in interviews. This can affect the social and individual aspects of playing on a college sports team. Social,...
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