Pros and Cons of Christian Education

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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A Christian Education 1

The Pros and Cons of a Christian Education

Willie King

Foundations of Christian Learning

A Christian Education 2

The Pros and Cons of A Christian Education

Although attending a Christian College has its advantages, it has some disadvantages that may birth skepticism for Christian Students and Non-Christian students alike. For any person, deciding what university to attend may be a difficult decision. A student must decide what it is that they want from a higher education and how it will prepare us for the future. There is a compare and contrast that must be done in order to make the best possible decision. Christian Students must decide if they want to concentrate on the career goal or if they want to merge their religious learning with their career path. A non-Christian student must determine whether a Christian College will give them the specific knowledge they may need to succeed or focus more on the teachings of the bible. This will be discussed as we compare and contrast the two and pinpoint the pros and cons to going to a Christian College.

Christian education is an education that is built upon an understanding that God is our creator. Christian values and attitudes are taught and emphasized in the Christian school. The Christian ethics and morals from home and church are reinforced in the Christian school classrooms. The Christian values taught in the Christian home and reinforced in the Christian school enable your child to deal with a troubled world without succumbing to its troubles, another reason you send your child to a Christian school. (Charles Walker 2012).


A Christian Education 3
Most Christian schools are small in size compared to those of...
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