Pros and Cons of Abortion

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Fetus Pages: 3 (742 words) Published: November 8, 2010
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Pros and Cons of Abortion
Gloria J. Brown

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Some people believe that an embryo is not a life until all the parts are defined as human. Life begins with a cell. From the moment the cell or egg is fertilized it becomes an embryo, an organism in its early stage of development, a life. So life starts at the moment it is fertilized and removing it or destroying it, aborting it, is ultimately taking a life.

Abortion, the subject is always a highly debatable topic. Are you for abortion or against abortion and why? Let’s define the word abortion. Abortion is the process in which the developing child is removed from a mother’s womb ( Abortion is the act of giving premature birth; particularly, the expulsion of the human fetus prematurely, or before it is capable of sustaining life; miscarriage. Abortion is the immature product of an untimely birth. Abortion is arrest of development of any organ, so that it remains an imperfect formation or is absorbed. Abortion is any fruit or produce that does not come to maturity, or anything which in its progress, before it is matured or perfect; a complete failure; as, his attempt proved an abortion ( Abortion is induced termination of a pregnancy with destruction of the embryo or fetus. (2) Any of various procedures resulting in the termination of a pregnancy. (3) Cessation of normal growth, especially of an organ or other body part, prior to full development or maturation ( So you see there are a lot of different meanings for abortion but they all come down to the same conclusion, termination.

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Some people believe that it is a woman’s right to choose to do what she wants to with her own body. If a woman wants to abort an embryo or fetus, it should be up to the woman who has to carry...
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