Pros and Cons Argumentative Essay

Topics: Advertising, Education, High school Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Berenice Polycarpe
Class 302
Period 4
A.P. English w/ DeStefano
Pros and Cons Argumentative Essay

It has been argued that corporate partnerships are a necessity for cash-strapped schools. It has also been argued that schools should give their students an environment free from ads and corporate influence. There are both pros and cons of corporate sponsorship for schools but the negative aspect of having advertisements presented in schools outweighs the positive. Schools are institutions that are run on sponsorships from other organizations. Corporate sponsorship for schools benefit the students by allowing them to form their own opinions. The advertisements are informative, giving the students an opportunity to learn things that aren't necessarily taught in school. The school receives more money (funding) through sponsorships and more money means more school activities to keep the students interested in school. Advertisements presented in schools present current events in a way that the students would want to learn. Sponsorships are advantageous to schools because the money goes to getting students book and advanced technology for the students to be updated. Although schools are benefiting from sponsorships, the money doesn't always make a difference in all the students’ academic achievements. Corporate sponsorship for schools limit what the students are exposed to. If a company about drugs sponsors the school, they will only advertise drug-related issues, thus limiting the students on other controversial topics occurring around them. Advertisements tend to distract students from their work through catchy music, fancy logos, and celebrities. While the advertisements are meant to send specific messages, they can be misunderstood, causing disagreements and arguments amongst the students.

Advertisements are tricks that companies use to get schools that are financially unstable to become stable and then the companies take advantage of the...
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