Pros and Cons

Topics: Passive smoking, Lung cancer, Death Penalty Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: December 16, 2012
1.In your argument notebook, create a pro/con checklist for the following topics. Make two columns: pro on one side, con on the other. If possible, team up with other students to brainstorm opposing points on each issue. Try to come up with five or six solid points and counterpoints. a.I think women are better listeners than men.

i.Pro- Women have more heart and care more when it comes to listing ii.Pro- Women listen to other opinions and take them into consideration iii.Pro- Women are able to show more emotions when listing

iv.Con- Men want to hear what they think is right
v.Con- Men mostly think that there opinion is right and listening can be hard b.Capital punishment is no deterrent to crime.
i.Pro- some crimes are irreversible and horrific
ii.Pro- There needs to be justice to families or loved ones involved iii.Con- The lack of evidence or a lawyer that can defend
iv.Con- Death Penalty is considered by a lot as morbid or acting like God v.Con- Race has a lot to do with it and things can be overlooked due to skin or ethnicity c.“Hard” sciences such as math are more difficult than “soft” sciences such as sociology. i.Pro- Math has to be more accurate

ii.Pro- Math can be applied to physics
iii.Pro- Deals with a lot of computer sciences
iv.Con- Sociology has to deal with economics
v.Con- Sociology also does Psychology
d.The production and sale of cigarettes must be outlawed for the health of the American Public. i.Pro- It will help get rid of the amount of people that smoke ii.Pro- Healthcare cost will drop
iii.Pro- It will help save a lot of lives from lung cancer
iv.Con- Greater risk of lung cancer
v.Con- Lack of energy and being able to breath
vi.Con- Kids around second hand smoke have a higher risk of becoming a smoker e.The university should reduce tuition for those students who maintained an A average during the previous year. i.Pro- There would be an incentive for the students to get better grades ii.Pro-...
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