Proposition Project

Topics: Higher education, University, College Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Agnesa Kocharyan
Professor Delfino
Political Science 106
May 15, 2012

Public Postsecondary Student Tuition and Fees Initiative

My part in this proposition project was to find information on the fiscal effect initiative, list all interest groups who supported this initiative along with stating what each vote meant. Whether it being a “yes” vote or a “no” vote. One of the main supporters of the California "Public Postsecondary Student Tuition and Fees" Initiative (#12-0006) is California senator Alan Lowenthal who received the board’s highest honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award, for his work on a variety of bills, senator Carol Liu of Pasadena, and assembly members Susan Bonilla and Gil Cedillo who are also honored for their consistent support of community colleges and higher education. Given the lack of a statewide tuition and fee policy and the uncertainty about what tuition and fee increases might be adopted in future years, we cannot determine the precise fiscal effects of this measure. However one of the predicted fiscal effects of this ballot would be that colleges and universities will face new limitations on their ability to raise additional revenue in the form of student fees and tuition annually. Simultaneously, continuing students in good academic standing will experience stable tuition and fee levels, tuition charged to new students at the University of California and the California State University could be higher than it would otherwise be, especially in the early years after the initiative's adoption. The state could face General Fund cost pressures to the extent that universities will not able to raise the tuition revenue they would otherwise seek. This pressure could likely lessen over time as additional students become subject to the increased tuition levels. At the California Community Colleges, general Fund pressure likely would be minor. If one were to vote “yes” for this initiative, then that would mean that they agree on the...
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