Proposition of Value: Mandatory Drug Testing

Topics: Employment, Drug addiction, Drug test Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Proposition of Value: Mandatory Drug Testing

Issue: Whether or not mandatory drug testing results in positive gains or negative losses for the United States in terms of economy and society.

Thesis: The enforcement of mandatory drug testing for employees and welfare recipients results in a more positive and productive society, as well as a developing economy.

The legal roots of mandatory drug testing are found in the common law doctrine of "employment at will." That doctrine states that either party to an employment contract can terminate the contract for any reason, at any time, unless the contract specifies otherwise. As the Court held in Adair v. United States (208 U.S. 161, 175-6, 1908), the employer "was at liberty, in his discretion, to discharge [the employee] from service without giving any reason for so doing." Because of this, the Supreme Court decided that all employers have the right to give employees drug tests before and after they are hired. Companies have the right to know if their coworkers are abusive with drugs, because it could be very detrimental to overall production and development.

I. Drug tests are ethically and morally sound in the workplace.

A. With an already growth-stricken job market, it is important for employers to choose their workers wisely. Employees whom have drug or other personal problems can hurt the overall development and profits of a company. 1. According to, Drug Testing costs the United States an estimated $200 million a year, but indicates that that number is extremely small compared to the amount of money saved because of the production value it brings to companies. This way, companies view drug testing as an investment in the quality of their employees. 2. Mandatory drug testing prior to employment is an easy way for employers to weed out who is not fit for the job and who is. For example, if an interviewer for a company has a huge stack of people to choose to hire, it's very...
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