Proposition 36

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Andrea Pennant
Gail Reid
English 1301
Proposition 36
In society there are many solutions to the problem of overcrowding in prisons. Here we will discuss a plan that would help the over population of the prisons. This plan will help non-violent or first offenders who use or possess illegal drugs, to serve their time in a drug treatment program instead of prisons and be monitored by professional individuals. Some drug offenders should get prison time, but if arrested for the first time, they deserve a second chance at a rehabilitation treatment center. Most of the time drug addicts are serving time in prison and their addiction is left untreated. This paper will mainly focus on treatment center versus prison for drug offenders in the state of California. California came up with a plan called Proposition 36. This plan would help convicted offenders who are non- violent to enter in a drug treatment program instead of incarceration. This paper will also discuss the benefits of treatment models. For example, it could cut down on the cost for expanding on our overcrowded system. Also reduce taxpayers’ costs, reduces crime rate and provides training for those who are on probation. Studies have shown that drug treatment is more effective than prison in reducing future activity. However, Proposition 36 has drawn a lot of controversial and attention,

Criminals are in a different category from a person who has mental problems or drug abuse issues. This program will allow addicts to come clean and begin the process of healing to become a better person. This is why we have to help those that are in need and are willing to get help. Cutting down on the money that is being spent on the construction of prisons will be beneficial to taxpayers and allow us to have more Treatment Centers. According to the article Proposition 36 ten years later, Proposition 36 has provided treatment to over 30,000 people a year, some of whom had never had any...
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