Proposed Bus Fare System in the Philippines

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  • Published : August 29, 2012
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Bus Fare System via Smart Cards -1-

CHAPTER I. Introduction
Background of the Study
A recent study stated that there are approximately 100,000 public utility vehicles travelling around Metropolitan Manila everyday and 3.9% of them are buses. Each of these are using the old ticketing system as a mode of transaction for asking for each passengers’ fare, the bus officer will ask for the destination and as you pay for your fare, tickets will then be given to you which would serve as a receipt for your fare. This fare system is time consuming and requires mathematical comprehension. Several buses don’t follow overloading standards that can be a cause of common vehicular accidents. Also, traffic is becoming a serious problem due to the undisciplined loading and unloading of passengers. Commuters experience a hard time on buses especially on rush hour. They end up pushing one another that can lead to serious argument. Through the proposed upgrading of the existing fare system, they don’t have to know the fares in different destination. They don’t have to rush when the bus is approaching and provide so much token with them. Also, it can help avoid overloading due to the system’s program. Fare system on buses in our country is way too far behind from other country which then serves as an inspiration to the researchers to pursue the study. All over the world, 8% of countries uses an electronic card as a mode of payment especially on buses. Few of them are the famous Ez-link card of Singapore, Breeze card of Canada,

Bus Fare System via Smart Cards -2-

Octopus card of Hongkong, Austria card, Oyster card of London, Charlie card of Boston, MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation of Authority), Delhi Metro of India, Rav Kav of Israel, Myki card of Australia and Rejsekort card of Denmark. The researchers have their eagerness to innovate and enhance the existing fare system in our country especially in Metro Manila. This fare system is not only...
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