Proposal Writing Car Parking

Topics: Parking space, Sustainable design, Parking lot Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Suggest improving the college car parking space for students. We are pleased to submit the following proposal outlining our plan to improve the use of car parking space, provide more parking slots by building a car parking block at the parking area of sport complex and changing or redesign the parking space. This can help to ensure the arrangements for the limited car parking spaces available across our TARC main campus are more efficient, and reduce congestion in and around the campus. With this, more students will be choosing TARC to study because of the convenient car park in the college.

SWC is the communicate center of students, every students is automatically a member of the SWC. We have to take care of the students’ welfare and to foster better ties among the students. We have collected the feedback and information through the communication, survey form and questionnaires to analyses the current problem in the college. The higher major problem for now is the car parking, and many students had complained that the car parking slots are not enough. This will decrease the number of students to study in college in every year. We have support from Dr. Ken Yeang, he is an early pioneer of ecological design and planning, carrying out design and research in this field since 1971. He is described as the "world's leading green skyscraper architect". He obtained his qualifications in architecture from the Architectural Association School in London, and received a PhD in ecological design and planning from Cambridge University Department of Architecture for his dissertation, "A Theoretical Framework for Incorporating Ecological Considerations in the Design and Planning of the Built Environment", published as Designing with Nature (McGraw-Hill, USA, 1995) that became the springboard for his pioneer work on ecodesign, green architecture and ecocity master planning.
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