Proposal: West Parking

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Doing Nothing4
Installing extra traffic lights4
Hiring an extra parking staff to coordinate traffic congestion5
Improving North and West Parking5


We propose to expand the West and North parking lots of the UAA main campus to greatly reduce traffic congestion, to save time for students and staff, and to help decrease automobile accidents.


The UAA main campus is a commuter to more than 15, 000 students (Common data from UAA). The countless number of vehicles commuting to and from campus creates traffic congestions and is desperately in need of more parking spaces. Lack of adequate parking space for students and staff have negative impacts: * Road rage. The survey given in 2008 to UAA students reported that frustration due to congested traffic resulted in unsafe driving practices. Much could have been prevented if there were enough parking spaces for the vehicles that enter campus parking.

* Tardiness. Delays due to finding parking space are direct consequence of students and staff being late for classes. Estimated time to find parking space may take up to 20 minutes (2008-UAA student’s survey). People usually experience high stress level due to frustration of finding parking space. Tardiness may have a direct effect on students’ performance in classes (University of Washington MDJ).

* Unauthorized use of parking. UAA students admitted to have used Providence Hospital, and Goose Lake parking due to lack of adequate parking spots on campus. This unauthorized use of parking is taking away the spots reserved for the hospital’s patient, and those reserved for recreational use in the park.

* Outrageous Parking Fees. The unanimous survey in 2008 for students showed concern over increased parking fees every semester, yet still not enough parking available. This is a “hot” topic next to book prices and spiking tuition. Student’s complaints are justified that if UAA is going to charge more for parking, then more parking spaces will also be required from the university.

* ER access. Traffic created by students and staff vehicles at the main campus has negative impact for hospital emergencies vehicles. UAA main campus is located across the Providence Hospital, and interfering with littering the Providence Drive with students and staff vehicles may be critical of saving someone’s life where minutes or even seconds are critical to one’s well being.

* Road safety. Students have reported and are concern about the pedestrian safety once they park the vehicles (2008 survey). There is no pedestrian pathway from the North and West Parking to campus buildings; walking is on the road. Concerns are mostly in wintertime, (fall and spring semesters) where icy and snowy roads, and poor visibility is a road hazard to moving vehicles and pedestrians.

* Vehicle accidents. Department of Transportations (DOT) ranks the Providence Drive in top five of hazardous locations. The proximity of UAA and Hospital at Providence Drive and congested traffic at this area is responsible for high amount of automobile accidents (according to US.DOT –Federal Highway Administration).


To create a solution for improved parking at UAA and traffic congestion problems issues must:

1. Include a solid development plan that would benefit students, staff, and the UAA. The students and staff would greatly appreciate adequate parking spaces for their vehicle. UAA would positively gain revenue from parking fees.

2. Ensure that parking construction is developed on time and that students attending the following semester are not interrupted with constructions issues.

3. Ensure that pedestrians’ pathways are easily accessible from parking, thus greatly reducing chance of someone being hit by a vehicle.

4. Avoid new traffic...
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