Proposal Report

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Proposal Report

TO: The Manager
FROM: Mrs D McLachlan
SUBJECT: Loan for the expansion of “Veggies and Stuff”
DATE: June 10th, 1997

This report is submitted in support of request for loan to allow for expansion of “Veggies and Stuff” which is the vegetarian catering company. This report outlines our plans, needs and expected costs necessary to expand the business.

“Veggies and Stuff” is currently home-based business catering for small private functions. However, its popularity is increasing rapidly and the available resources are already insufficient. Due to inadequate working space and equipment as well as insufficient staff, the company have had to turn down recent requests to cater for larger functions. Furthermore, there is no other exclusively vegetarian catering companies in the area, therefore we manage to find a niche in the marketplace.

Unfortunately, current premises are not adequate for catering for large functions. There is a lack of both working space and appropriate equipment which are essential to business grow. Therefore, the business plan provides that £50,000 will be spent on down payment for purchase of old bakery and new kitchen equipment.

To improve the delivery of orders to customers, new cars will be needed. Company presently has only one car, what results in having to make several journeys to deal with one function. The business plan scheduled that £40,000 will cover cost of two refridgerated vans for transportation of food.

To improve efficiency, it will be necessary to hire more employees. At the beginning the company needs to increase amount of kitchen staff from 2 to 5 and delivery staff from 1 to 2 at least. According to the business plan £15,000 will cover wages of new staff until company starts making a profit.

I hope that plans outlined are clear and will meet with approval. It is worth adding here that accountant agrees that company...
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