Proposal on Media Violence

Topics: Television advertisement, Infomercial, Research Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: May 11, 2013
English 102
Summer 1, 2012 Proposal for the Argumentative Research Paper

Due: Friday July 6, 201

Instructions: Fill out the following form in relation to the topic you wish to research and argue. This will form the basis of your paper. Do NOT leave any blank entries, and you are NOT allowed to change the topic or stance after submitting the proposal form. Make sure you type your proposal and submit it within the deadline assigned. 1) Identify the general area you wish to research: The general area I wish to research in is ‘’Media’'

2) Identify the specific aspect you choose to deal with: the point you will argue and your stance towards it; The specific aspect I choose to deal with is “Media Violence Exposure and Its Effects on Children’’. I will argue about the different forms of media violence such as violence in T.V commercials, Violence in Advertising, and a counter argument which argues about those who selective to media exposure violence,and the affects of these forms on children. 3) What is your research question? Make sure it lends itself to an argumentative response which you will develop throughout your paper. What is the media violence? And hoe does it affect us and our children? What are a three forms of media violence? And finally Are there people who love violence?

4) What is your working thesis statement? i.e. Your topic, stance, and controlling ideas/arguments: My thesis statement is “My research is based on violence happened in media and in particular violence...
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