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The Impact of Advertising on the Sales Performance of Grameen Phone (GP) in Bangladesh: Based on A customer survey.

Demands are constantly changing in the world and all business organizations are facing in complex and competitive environment (Okyere, 2011). To confront all the upcoming challenges the business organization needed to increase the recourses as their requirements. They must need focuses on their marketing strategy. This is one of the strategies of attracting and retaining the customer of any business. Kotler (1988) describe as customers choice and satisfaction has to be prioritized efficiently and effectively the than the competitor. At the moment, in globalized business world the telecommunication has a wider linkage to all types of business. This is way, it is very important to create consciousness, encouragement and let customer knows of the existence of offering to successes their own business of any telephone company. As a result, different types of marketing communications have been considered by many companies to run in the parallel track in the game of high competition to become successful. Advertising is considered one of the prominent in overall marketing mix like other communication tools and it is one of most features of promotion mix as well. And this aspect is as a result of its reflectiveness and extensiveness in other marketing communications features of mobile telephone business. (Okyere, 2011) Background:

Bangladesh is a developing country in south ASIA and its per capita income is very low. However, at present many people have access to telecommunication in Bangladesh, especially mobile phone. In this situation Grameen Phone, famous in namely ‘GP’ is the market leading company in the mobile telecommunication industry of Bangladesh. GP is always attempted to provide the best network coverage, technical quality, customer service etc. It is believed that GP has developed a strongest public relation through marketing communication. However, its most popularity is because good network in rural area where most of the people live. They are on the mission to develop one GSM cellular mobile communications network in Bangladesh designed with latest computer assisted design technology. Grameen Phone started the business approximately 11 years ago and since then, they have are in operation in the market for a long period of time. From the very beginning they reached on their success and still now they were able to hold their position in present market. CITYCELL, BANGLA LINK, ROBI, AIRTEL, & TELETALK are the other mobile telephone company in Bangladesh and the competitors of Grameen Phone. Grameen Phone practices a good is its customer’s service and relationship in Bangladesh. To build up a good marketing communications Grameen Phone spent a lot of money for advertising their product throughout the year. What is Advertisement?

Different organization, authorities and the institutions defined advertisement differently. Because they dealing this issue with different way. The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines advertising as “any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor”. Types of advertisement:

a. Advertising in print media – For example Brochures Newspapers, Magazines, Fliers. b. Advertising in outdoor – Tradeshows, Billboards, Kiosks, and Events c. Advertising through broadcast – website, radio, Television, and Internet d. Covert Advertising –  Movies

e. Surrogate Advertising – Indirect advertisement
f. Advertising Public Service –  social issues
g. Advertising  by Celebrity

Rationale for the study:
In Bangladesh, Grameen Phone is the giant mobile telecom company. This is a commercially operating that provides cellular services in both rural and urban areas of Bangladesh. Currently it has 7 billion customers in Bangladesh. According to Bangladesh Telephone Regulatory...
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