Proposal of Marianila Hair Products

Topics: Marketing, Hair, Cosmetics Pages: 6 (1377 words) Published: November 12, 2011
Program: Undergraduate, Major/Emphasis: Business Marketing
Name of student: Maria Katra, ID: 12092025, Cell phone number: 03560914, Email: Semester registered for senior project: Fall 2011-2012
Date of modified Submission of proposal: 13/10/2011, Date of approval:

1. Title: MariaNila hair cosmetics by LaPerle
2. Objectives of the project:
The objective of this project is to:

a. Due to its growing popularity in the Scandinavian countries LaPerle is looking to expand globally. Paul Katra is the sole agent in Lebanon since he already works with this brand in the field of hair straightening and perm but not as retail.

b. MariaNila is investing a lot in new research and development to expand its product mix and increase profit by customizing products to tailor fit the needs of the several textures of human hair.

c. The Lebanese market is not yet oversaturated with professional hair care products, solely to be sold by hairdressers and few pharmacies to give medical/healthy feel to the product. Making it an ideal time to launch it in the Lebanese market.

d. Paul Katra will benefit from venturing in the retail sector since he already has economies of experience in the market of hair cosmetics, thus leading to increased profit by becoming sole agent of MariaNila cosmetics in Lebanon. 3. Research methodology (techniques or tools used):

Qualitative analysis:
a. Question clients that enter Paul Katra’s beauty spa since they are of different age and already use the competitions’ products to understand their demands, what they look for in a hair shampoo or lotion, the price they are willing to pay, and their consumption, what makes them use a product over another… b. Interview the technicians of the hairdressing salons on what they like to work with, what they recommend for clients as products for their hair, what they feel the market lacks of as products… c. Determine the number of participants in focus groups around 7 excluding moderator. Establish with the moderator the flow of the session. d. Since the product line is huge will need to determine the several age groups interested in each product line, trends in these specific demographical groups what kind of ad and labeling captures their interest…

4. Field work will be involved, and interviews will be done with local hairdressers to better understand the market needs and wants. 5. Secondary data sources:
Mr. Paul Katra- president of hairdressing syndicate - in order to get contacts of the key players in the hairdressing world. Get information from hairdressers or pharmacies of research done on market demand. Internet websites the LaPerle website.

Financial and accounting books to be determined as the project flows. 6. Hypothesis or Concept to be tested:
The Lebanese market is the ideal place for new trendy products to be launched because Lebanon is the trend setter in the Arab world, what works in Lebanon and sells here will definitely sell in Arab countries when it comes to cosmetics. Also there is a deficiency in hair cosmetic products when it comes to budgets and results, either product are too expensive and effective or cheap but non-effective. So the market is in need of a quality-price brand. Since Paul Katra already owns a beauty spa it will give a portal for the product to be sold by the sales force and he can provide the right key hairdressers to contact. This will give the opportunity to test the product on ground with clients and see whether the Lebanese women will accept this new product find a result and trust it then alone a buzz will be created about this new Scandinavian product. The establishing of this product will involve the following: * Hiring a salesperson to meet with the key hairdressers, hand out samples and do the follow-up. * Designing offers and promotions to grab interest of hairdressers which will help in entering the market because...
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