Proposal: Mobile Phone and User Guide

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Prepaid Smartphone Proposal

Description: The purpose of this project is to consider users that are not able to purchase a smartphone with a contract. Prepaid smartphones allow all people to have a nice phone with month to month payments. Not only is this a benefit for everyone, but especially for those who cannot get approved for a contract. Simply, SIM cards will be used to access service. They will be mini microchips that go into the cellphone. It will be like a mini prepaid debit card going straight into the phone. Rationale: The step by step user guide will prepare hassle-free installment. A lot of people are stuck with cheap phones or do not have access to all the newest application’s out that everyone else is benefiting from. No longer will anyone have to dream about having a smart phone just because they cannot or do not want to be on a contract. Prepaid smartphones will be paid every month just like a normal contract phone only the service on the phone will shut off at the end of the month when you run out of money. Whereas, a contract phone will roll over to the next month and you will have an expensive bill to pay! After following the user guide, all a phone user will have to do in the future, is pay for the next month before their money runs out on the SIM card to avoid service shut off. Another benefit is that if you no longer need the phone or can no longer afford the phone there will be no cancellation fees. Resources: The resources needed to get started, is a smartphone with a SIM card adaptability, a SIM card, and a phone number. In order to get users on board there will be free smartphones given out to new users with two months prepaid at the beginning of the year. Also, a free month to users that already have a smartphone with another carrier and want to switch to prepaid. Timeframe:

Step One: Brainstorm ideas for the user guide and partake in the steps to installing a SIM card into a smartphone. Timeline: 20 minutes Step Two:...
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