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Topics: Buddhism, Meaning of life, Colorado Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: January 25, 2009
19476 Vallejo Ct.
Westminster, Colorado 80234

Senior Project Advisory Board
MESA High School
52nd wadsworth.
Thornton, Colorado 80224

Dear Senior Advisory Board:
The topic that I will be researching is religion because it is such a controversial topic. Not to mention all the different beliefs about life and death and what our purpose in life is. Does everything happen for a reason? Do we even have a purpose? Or is everything random? These are the questions that I want to answer to try and have a better understanding of this existence.

I am choosing to narrow my study and research to Buddhism because the Buddhist philosophy intrigues me and has me curious to learn more. I know the basics about karma, meditation, and compassion. But I want a deeper understanding of the Buddhist belief so I can have that experience, grow, and learn from it. Also, I plan to go to college at Naropa University up in Boulder, which is a Buddhist based school. So it would help me to know a little more about the religion in general.

I have an understanding about the schedule provided for this project and that the final product is due on February 6th. I also understand that plagiarism is stealing someone else’s words and ideas, making it seem as though they are your own. I know that I need to cite my sources and acknowledge who ever I am quoting directly from the resource that I am reading. I a aware that this is illegal and I have no intensions of doing such a thing.
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