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Topics: Education, Proposals, Adobe Flash Pages: 3 (615 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Marie Abigail O. Caneo

Area of Investigation and Programming Language to be used :
The researcher would like to propose a Website intended for Blessed Elena Academy for better marketing and knowledge of this educational institution. The program to be utilized is Adobe Flash Pro 3.0 software application. This program will not only feature the advance educational background of the school but will also highlight the strengths and best features of Blessed Elena Academy. It will also be an effective way for Blessed Elena to be known globally as well. Reasons for Choice of Subject :

The rationale behind the choice of this subject is to mark another milestone for Blessed Elena Academy, an institution that caters not only to Filipinos but other nationalities as well. Besides, the school needs to be recognized in the face of the changing times in order to cope with the fast pace of globalization through internet access. Importance of Study :

The study is important because it will prove that the use of the created website will enhance the interests of other students who want to get information about the school, the facilities and the faculty. It will also showcase the honors, achievements, and excellent curriculum to ensure that only the best is offered to the students. Moreover, this website will serve as a link between the school and alumni who are in other parts of the country and globally as well. Target Users and Beneficiaries :

The proposed system will benefit the entire Blessed Elena Academy community, who will have easier access to the school. Other viewers will also have a better idea of what to gain from this institution as far as it’s core values and graduate attributes are concerned. Software Description and Scope and Limitation :

The website will cover the entire school information. It uses Adobe Flash Pro 3.0 software application which used the...
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