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Postgraduate Research Methodology for HRM A - 7BSP1034

Research Proposal Front Sheet

*My Family Name: Sarna
*My Given Name: Sharmin Gias
*My Student Number: 09242177
*Supervisors Name: Natalia Rocha-Lawton
*Second Markers Name: Sue Anderson

Word Counts:2750
Submission Date:7th January 2013

. .

For school use only.

Can Supervisors and 2nd Markers please mark and come to an agree grade then return this front sheet to Michael Pye, Module Leader, no later than 4th of February 2013. Please keep the Research Proposal for your records.

Supervisors Grade:

2nd Markers Grade:

Agreed Grade:

Comments (if any):

Contents Page No

A Provisional Dissertation Title3


Part one: Research Context3

Part two: Literature Review4

Part three: Research Methodology and 5
Research Methods

Part four: Data and Data Analysis 8

Part five: Possible Problems and Limitations9

Part six: Main Tasks and Time scale10

Conclusion 11


A Provisional Dissertation Title:

‘‘The Practices of Human Resource Management in an International Context – Barriers and Possible Solutions’’


International Human resource management (IHRM) describes as human resource management issues and problems arising from the internationalisation of business, and the HRM strategies, policies and practices that global firms pursue in response to the internationalisation process. The process of globalisation - the integration of markets, new markets increased foreign direct investment by many multinational companies (MNCs), global organisations and cross-border integration of production and services. MNCs with distinctive competencies can potentially realise higher profits by applying those competencies in foreign markets, where local competitors lack similar competencies (Bratton & Gold, 2007). As firms increasingly seek to leverage human resource to compete in global markets, academics and practitioners alike have increasingly begun to explore the international potential of strategic human resource management. In so doing, they have generally addressed HR policies and practices relating to global and local recruitment and selection, international training and learning, international reward management, performance appraisal and the management of expatriates that define IHRM. IHRM can be distinguished from domestic HRM by the fact that these five core HRM activities have to be culturally sensitive and effective in cross-cultural, multinational environment (Scullion and Linehan, 2005). The purpose of this work to investigate successfully IHRM approaches by HR practitioner on global organisations and MNCs and find out the challenges and possible solutions.

Research Context:

From the perspective of the HR practitioner, the internationalization of business has had the effect of adding new responsibilities and it has created new levels of complexity and challenges through their operations globally. To put this research in context, global organisations face the same challenges as all organisation, plus unique ones; Barlett and Goshal (1991) argue that the main issue for multinational companies is the need to manage the challenges of global efficiency and multinational flexibility- ‘the ability of an organisation to manage the risks and exploit the opportunities that arise from the diversity and volatility of the global environment’ (Armstrong, 2006). This research focuses on the best practices of international human resource management in global organisations like the United Nations and Unilever. It will raise the issues and challenges and suggest possible solutions for them. However, this research aims to...
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