Proposal for a New System

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Health insurance Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Proposal for a New System|

The health care system in the United States has some down falls to it because of the rising cost of health care and the high cost of health insurance. Technological advancements in treatment and preventative medicine have played a major part in the rising cost of health care. The biggest obstacle that the health care system faces is not having coverage available for everyone. The current health care system does not fit every individual’s economic struggles. There are millions of individuals that do not have insurance coverage because they are unemployed, their employer does not offer health care coverage, or they just cannot afford it. The plan that I have developed will hopefully help solve many of the problems that individuals face throughout the United States. The health care plan that I am proposing will give individuals access to medical treatment without restrictions such as age, income, or current and past medical conditions. This plan will allow individuals health care coverage at an affordable rate that they can pay monthly at a lower cost than other insurance plans. This health care plan will also have a wide range of physicians and specialties available for each person’s use. There will be no co-payments needed for office visits or emergency room visits. The cost of hospital visits will be minimized and individuals can pay back their medical bills in smaller increments at a lower rate of interest as well. The amount of time to pay off their medical bills will be extended, but with the agreement to pay back their bills within a certain time frame. All individuals would be able to apply for this health care plan. Whether you are unemployed, you are working part-time without medical benefits from work, you are working full-time but the cost of your company’s medical benefits is too expensive, or for those who are senior citizens that cannot afford Medicare and Medicaid coverage....
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