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Topics: Mobile phone, GSM, Internet Pages: 3 (516 words) Published: September 13, 2012
This paper presents the methodology for monitoring open-water drainage system in prediction of potential flooding on Barangay Marinig, Cabuyao, Laguna by implementing GSM modules that will send data to phones thru SMS. GSM technology is not only limited for mobile communications but can also be use to develop a system that could interfaced to Web thru the internet. Flood monitoring system consists of equipments that are able to measure changes in water level that are monitored, processed and delivered systematically and significantly. The main purpose of this research is for less cost and low power basis on faster monitoring of changes on the water behaviour for efficient handling and distribution of information. The MCU used is Arduino and SiM900D for the GSM modems.

An application of this method in Automation Via Wireless Control includes better accuracy, design security and durability, speed and flexibility. The significance of this study is to provide an effective monitoring system that would be considered for better flood prevention of the society.


The aim of this study is to design a project on wireless flood monitoring system that will help the small communities in the Philippines like Barangay Marinig, Cabuyao Laguna who have problems and records of occurrences of flood on its open drainage when the Laguna lake which is connected to it overflowed.

The idea of this thesis is to make a project or design that make use of the GSM (Global Service for Mobile Communication) technology for flood monitoring system.
Its basic operation composed of water level sensors, analog circuit, MCU (ARDUINO), GSM Modems and mobile phone that supports GSM Communication. For ideal performance of this project and for better quality of monitoring system, GSM application of interfacing data on the internet by developing a Web Server was extensively...
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