Proposal for Setting a Day Care

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  • Published : July 24, 2010
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Project description
Rationale of proposing day care
Work plan
Project phase
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Huston Community College is a higher education institution that provides learning opportunities to different communities which include Texas, Missouri city and Stanford. The communities around the colleges provide services to the college as they work in institution and some study there. Parents comprise a large portion of these communities and helping them manage some of their responsibilities which include taking care of their children while they at work or studying will go a long way in improving their performance. The purpose of this paper is to propose the need to establish a daycare in the colleges which will go a long way in helping the parents and improving the quality of their work Summary

Parenting is a hard responsibility especially if an individual has to work to provide for their family or attend school (Essa, 56). that being the case setting up a daycare at Huston community college would go a long way helping the parents a lot with taking care of their children while they at work or attending school. This will help ease the stress on the workers and students who are parents hence improving their efficiency at work and better concentration in class. also in establishing the daycare there is chance of creating job opportunities and hence reducing unemployment improving the economy. the day care will not only serve the college but also the community around the institution as those who are interested can benefit from the program as they will be allowed to participate.

Project description
A daycare at Huston community college will enable the parents accomplish their responsibilities which include ensuring that the well being of their children is taken care of and they themselves are fulfilling their responsibilities at work or in school reducing the stress...
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