Proposal for Organic Fertilizer Project

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Propaland worldwide ltd

Address:p.o box 664-60200-meru Kenya

January 2012



Executive Summary 2

Project Brief 5

Project Description 6

Situational Analysis8

Market Analysis12

Project Management15

Investment 18

Implementation Schedule18

Financial Data Appendix 1-14



New Organic Growers Project for Tanzania,
To Boost Farm Output, Incomes & the Economy

This Feasibility Study provides the business, economic, agronomic and financial basis of our above Project. It evaluates the soundness of our proposition to set up in meru city Kenya facilities to manufacture and distribute a new high potency natural fertilizer which our farmers can use to boost crop yields and revolutionize the agricultural sector in Kenya and economy

SKAF, or Super Kelp Agro Formula, is a unique organic fertilizer from the USA that Kenyans should use to boost crop yields and incomes. SKAF can make Kenya a food surplus nation and a major exporter of a wide range of high value agricultural products, starting next farming season.

Multiple Benefits:
SKAF offers multiple benefits for our soils, farm plants, farmers, consumers, the environment and the economy.

High Yields:
SKAF can raise crop yield per season and total agricultural output by at least 20% enabling the agricultural sector to quickly achieve and then sustain growth rates in excess of 10% per annum and thus to contribute to the GDP far beyond the current lowly 40%.

Extra Tonnage = Extra Income:

That 20% SKAF led rise in crop yields, measured against Government projections for the year 2009, translates into extra tonnages shown in bold and yellow on Annex 1 attached. At 2008/2009 published prices for 8 key crops, this extra output would earn Kenyans an extra USD 236.5 million, as shown in Annex 1 and re-tabulated hereunder:

|Crop |Extra tonnage |Price in $ per ton |Extra Income in $ | |Maize |520,000 |250 |130,000,000 | |Cotton |70,000 |128.9 |9,048,780 | |Coffee |9,000 |1,256 |11,294,000 | |Cashew |20,000 |917 |18,340,000 | |Sugar |55,400 |538 |29,805,200 | |Tobacco |10,600 |2,350 |24,910,000 | |Tea |6,600 |1,340 |8,844,000 | |Sisal |6,000 |703.6 |4,221,600 | | |697,800 | |236,463,580 |

Lasting Impact:

That, then, would be the positive impact of SKAF in terms of extra output and income. We have shown in Annex 1 that the yields of the crops under reference can be increased, ceteris paribus, by a factor of 20% (dramatic increases of up to 50% are possible and achievable) in one single crop year (2009) yielding an additional monetary value in excess of...
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