Proposal for Library System

Topics: Object-oriented programming, Thesis or dissertation, Financial services Pages: 4 (939 words) Published: November 20, 2012
ACLC College
Balanga City, Bataan

In Partial Fulfillment of the Program Requirements
In Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

<Submission Date>

<Name of Group>

Proposed Start Date: <Date>
Anticipated Date of Graduation: <Date>

Engr. Carmencita O. Savella
Thesis Adviser
1. Tentative Thesis Title:
<Thesis Title>
This needs to be succinct, reflecting the appropriate scope of work you are undertaking. For instance, "Investigations in the Applications of XML" is so broad as to be meaningless, "Using XML for Data Representation" is a little more focused but is still too broad, but "Using XML for Data Representation in Financial Service Brokerage Systems" might be reasonable, and "Comparing XML Data Representation to Traditional Data Representation in Financial Services Brokerage Systems" would be much more appropriate. At this point, consider your title a working title, since changes in direction along the way will affect the results you finally achieve.

2. Abstract
Describe, in one or two sentences, what the central theme, or thesis, of this project is to be. Then, in only two or three paragraphs, give a summary of what you hope your project will show, what technologies are relevant, and what your approach is.

3. Thesis Project Description
In this section, elaborate on the summary above. This gives you a chance to describe how background work you have already done in narrowing down your thoughts to a thesis topic of a reasonable scope. Include references to material you have used to help you define this proposal (use the References section to give a complete description of the references). Begin by describing the context in which this project is being done. This includes relevant course work, research sources, your own background and readiness for the topic, other research that is like yours or upon which your project is...
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