Proposal for Ktv Using Imc Tools

Topics: Singing, Decision making, Target audience Pages: 5 (1097 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Bright ideas corporation|
Dragon Palace Karaoke|
New Campaign Proposal|
Kaixi Huang, Mengyu Feng, Riana Saputra|

Major target audiences:

* Primary: Residents who live or work at Northbridge within a radius of 10km, aged 18-35 with comfortable personal income ($ 12,000 pa to $65,000 pa). * Secondary: Visitors to Northbridge, aged 15-45 with comfortable personal income ($ 12,000 pa to $65,000 pa). Buyers’ analysis:

User Profile:
* Students – aged 15 – 25
* Working adults and young adults – aged 20 – 45

* People who stays in urban and suburban area
* Working people in CBD area

* Outgoing people
* Active people
* VALS = experiencers

Behaviouristic factors:
* Occasional consumers
* Consumers that sees karaoke is one of the ways to socialize in their lifestyle.

Consumers Decision Process:
Need recognition or problem awareness
* Lack of social life
* Needs activities to satisfy their clients (for businessmen n women)

Information search
* The need to look for other entertainment centre
* Looking out for other activities
* The search for the karaoke place

Evaluation of alternatives
* Evaluate all other alternative activities (movies)
* Evaluate all the options for a place for karaoke (Subaru, Utopia, and Hitbox) Purchase
* The decision process of purchasing a room in Dragon Palace.

Post – purchase evaluation
* After singing at Dragon Palace, do they leave with the feeling satisfied? * Is the price equivalent with the quality of the experience that the consumers felt after singing at Dragon Palace?

Who buys the product/service?
People who are looking for other kinds of entertainment, whether it is for personal purpose or for business purpose. Personal purpose means that the consumers sing and search for karaoke place to fill up their free time, or even to socialize with their friends or co workers. And for business purpose, this means that karaoke is used as a channel to satisfy the clients wants when a business is serving their important clients. Who influence the purchase decision?

The purchase decision is influenced usually by the people surrounding the main target market. The sales person in the store could also influence the consumers through the way the sales person interact with the consumers. If the salesperson treated the consumers properly, the consumers would be very likely to purchase the product / service provided. However, if the salesperson did not treat the consumers properly, then the consumers would just leave and in result no customers would come into Dragon Palace. Who makes the decision?

For groups or usually for personal use, the decisions are made as a group, because if all the group members wanted to sing then the consumers would purchase a room. For business purpose, the decisions are usually made by the clients / clientele. Decision criteria:

Price, range of songs, service of the employees, alcohol and smoking prohibition (is there any special rules for smokers?), room size and opening hours. Communication Objectives:
* To increase awareness and brand building preference
* To stimulate trail purchase and repeat purchase
* To discourage brand switching
* To establish Dragon Palace Karaoke as the preferred provider of the entertainment among local consumers Marketing Objectives:
* To successfully penetrate the local residents by generating awareness and brand building preference by 25% in 6 months * To stimulate trail purchase by 20% and repeat purchase by 15% by offering incentives that discourage brand switching * To establish Dragon Palace Karaoke as the preferred provider of the entertainment by a minimum of 10% among local consumers in 6 months SWOT Analysis:

* Has got a restaurant combined in the building
* Serves snacks and drinks
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