Proposal for Jamba Juice

Topics: Jamba Juice, Emeryville, California, West Palm Beach, Florida Pages: 10 (2866 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Executive Summary

This proposal discusses the benefits of bringing Jamba juice into Palm Beach International’s (“PBIA”) Terminal M. Opening a Jamba Juice franchise in Terminal M will help maximize PBIA’s profits and also give the customers an overall better experience.

Proposal to Bring Jamba Juice to Terminal M

Jamba Juice is a great option for the travelers that want to enjoy our in dining experience as they await their flight. Also, for those travelers running behind and need a quick bite to eat they can carry on board. PBIA needs to give those travelers the option to have the ability to find healthy options on the go.

Environmentally Friendly

Jamba Juice is aware of the environmental changes that have been occurring over the years. Society has been slowly creating a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Since society has changed their outlook on the environment, so have we. Our company is careful when picking certain products, because we understand the impact we have on the environment. ”Jamba has been working with a variety of organizations examining alternative options for removing polystyrene and other waste from their waste stream, expanding their use of more sustainable packaging, and managing energy consumption” (JambaJuice,2012).

Benefits of having a Jamba Juice

Along with being a healthy company, we also give our customers our best service. Considering operating in an airport, our customers will always be on the go. Our order system times the employees and alerts when they have passed three minutes on one order. The system is a great way to keep the flow of people moving, and creating shorter lines. Shorter lines tend to attract more people, especially those in a hurry.  

Commitment to Palm Beach County

At Jamba Juice one of our main priorities is to be able to give back to the community. Our commitment with Palm Beach county is to interact as much as possible with the residents, by providing opportunities to learn about the beneficial factors of nutrition. Opening our store in terminal M would give the palm beach community options for employment opportunities they can grow in.


Jamba Juice is pleased to hear about the new renovations at the Palm Beach International Airport (“PBIA”). We have been informed the PBIA will be creating the new Terminal M. We would like to propose opening a Jamba Juice in Terminal M as a healthy juice and snack bar for the passengers.

Jamba Juice is always looking for exciting new opportunities to share its deliciously healthy and refreshing meals with more customers. Along with smoothies we will provide PBIA customers with tasty bites, fresh-squeezed juices, coffees and teas and frozen yogurt whirls. Jamba Juice is healthy made simple ™. We believe its uniqueness as a healthy alternative to other restaurants is a sure way to enhance the overall experience of PBIA’s travelers.

The smoothies and baked goods are the perfect travel meal. It is the on-the-go, better-for-you option. The customers we so easily please are the ones living in a fast paced environment, such as those frequenting the PBIA. While our service is fast, there is also the beneficial factor of being able to finish your meal while waiting to board, or bringing it along without having to worry about a mess. Jamba Juice firmly believes that employee satisfaction ultimately leads to gaining customer satisfaction.

Within the proposal we will discuss the time needed to setup Jamba Juice in Terminal M. If you accept the proposal our architect, Lippincott, will provide a floor plan for your review. We did however provide measurements for the terminal within the proposal.

In the following pages we will cover the costs of setup, a specific work plan, and our qualifications.

Is Jamba Juice the Right Opportunity for Us?

Jamba Juice Company is a leading restaurant retailer of better-for-you, specialty beverage and food offerings,...
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