Proposal for Improve Riordan Manufacturing System

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After 3 months of extensive research and analyzing Riordan’s business operations and practices, Apollo Enterprises is in a position to present a value-added business solution and recommendations, in an effort to render an efficient infrastructural environment and cost savings; presented respectfully to you, the Sr. Executive Committee of Riordan’s Manufacturing Systems. These recommendations will provide essential upgrades to Riordan’s operations process and will firm-up and strengthen several weaknesses within Riordan’s daily operations. The process improvements’ being offered today, is offered in the interest of a long-term solution, one which will allow Riordan to be a successful business competitor of tomorrow. Areas which are seeking immediate improvement are as follows: * Parts Inventory Control

< Cut-down redundant monthly audits >
* Infrastructure System and Network Design
< Upgrade computer software and hardware, revamp networking equipment, consolidate data centers and reduce storage hardware > * Address Company Business Needs
< Provide an employee benefits solution >
* Database and Campus Security
< Implement database and campus security > * Product Training
< Employee training after system deployment, via several phases > * Process Improves
< Value added solutions delivered >
Gentlemen, by allowing Apollo Enterprises to come in as a contracted business partner, and steward the deployment of this operations improvement process, the entire consultant staff of Apollo Enterprises, will roll-up our sleeves and be right beside you every step of the way during the entire transition. This will certainly prove to be a win-win venture for Riordan Manufacturing Systems. The improvement upgrades could commence as earlier as November 16, 2009, and successfully complete the project seven months later. There is minimal risk involved during this process, as you can count on Apollo Enterprises. With the proper access to all your campuses, the project will stay on target. Gentlemen, the 53.5 million investments today, will give Riordan a minimum of 10% return on the investment for years to come. You simply cannot afford to continue doing business as you do today.

Table of Contents:
Introductionpg 2
Executive Summarypg 4
Objectivepg 7
Business Needpg 8
* Securitypg 8
* Systemspg 9
* Trainingpg 11
* Performance (Improvements) pg 13

Executive Summary
Riordan Manufacturing has been steadily expanding nationally, since 1993, and international since 2000. However, the internet and intranet systems are not integrated, which is too inconvenient to manage. Besides, the existing systems are too small to remain operational, or to contain all the database information international wide. Instead of paying the expansive upgrade semi-annually and using five different systems, now is the time to integrate Riordan Manufacturing’ internet and intranet systems internationally wide, after all, we are now engaging business in a Hi-Tech environment, in the 21st century. Once the integrated systems go online, Riordan Manufacturing will save a minimal of 10% annual revenue, which is a substance gain. Re-infrastructure Riordan’s manufacturing structure will benefit the company in many ways: * Show the high performance

* Easy to trace future trend
* Near down scopes
* Standard management
* Easy to maintaining
* Increase system memories at any time
* Fast speed
* Track down international wide transaction
* No geographies
* No upgrade fee

We would like to introduce...
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