Proposal: Fast Food and Customer Satisfaction

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Proposal on Customer Satisfaction Strategies of Subway

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Table of Contents
2.1Research background3
2.2Aim and Objectives of the Study4
2.3Research Questions4
3Literature Review5
3.1Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction5
3.2Areas of Setting Strategies5
3.3Relationship and Loyalty6
4Research Methodology7
4.1Research Method: Qualitative and Quantitative7
4.2Data Collection7
4.4Research Instruments8
4.5Data Analysis8
5Time Structure of the Study9
6Ethical Considerations10

Customer Satisfaction Strategies of Subway
Research background
Customers are heart of an organization. They are considered good for any sort of organization. Business success mostly depends on the satisfaction of the customers. Customer satisfaction depends on the perceived value from the provided services or products. In fast food and hospitality organizations customer satisfaction is most important (Voon et al. 2009). Ismail et al. (2009) stated that, higher customer satisfaction is considered as the key to competitive advantage. Satisfied customers of an organization can be considered as the asset of the organization. Thus customer satisfaction has great influence on the profitability of the organization. For this reason organizations set up various strategies to satisfy their customers and gain competitive advantage (Voon et al. 2009). In many countries of the world fast food industry is very booming and it is very extensive in UK. This is due to convenience of purchasing and consuming, cheaper price and lack of time of people for proper dining. In UK fast food culture is well embraced by the population. According to Brown (2005), UK fast food industry has annual turnover of £7.2 billion which is earned by serving 1.5 billion meals a year in 20000 outlets. Fast food industry of UK employs more than 200,000 staff. UK is the country with the largest number of fast foods per person, where Australia is in second position and USA in the third position. In the year 2008 25% of all fast food restaurants were situated in England alone. Fast food business is very competitive in UK. To sustain in this competitive market fast food companies set various strategies to satisfy its customers (Source: This study aims to analyze the strategies of food restaurants to satisfy the needs of the customers and remain competitive. For this subway has been selected. Subway is an American based organization which sells submarine sandwiches and salads. Being one of the fasted growing franchises in the world, it has been operating more than in 100 countries and territories with 37,000 restaurants. In the year 1965 the first store was opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Their goal was having 32 stores within 10 years. At present it is one of the leading brands in the world that offer submarine sandwich in more than 37,000 locations around the world. People consider this as leading choice for seeking nutritious and quick meals where they can enjoy with whole family. Depending upon the overall discussion about customer satisfaction, fast food business in UK and Subway this study has been framed. This study will be trying to evaluate strategies which Subway uses to ensure the customers are satisfied. This study will also evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies, the quality ensuring management in all restaurants of Subway and the problems in quality management. Aim and Objectives of the Study

Aim of the study is to analyze the strategies of food restaurants to satisfy the needs of the customers and remain competitive. Here strategies of Subway that make it competitive in the fast food restaurant business in the UK will be analyzed. Objectives of the Study

* To investigate the strategies which Subway use to ensure the customers are satisfied *...
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