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Topics: Natural ventilation, HVAC, Wind Pages: 7 (2265 words) Published: April 23, 2013
To: Dr. Rod Zink
From: Shivani Priyam
SUBJECT: Recommendation Report “Topic”
Revised Draft: Wednesday April 17, 2013
The purpose of this proposal is to summarize my recommendation report. Through this proposal, I will explain my theoretical situation in which I make a recommendation to the Assotech Limited’s Planning and Coordination team as to which type of master plan is best suited for their upcoming project. Through the course of this proposal I will explain Assotech Limited’s position in the Real Estate market in India. I will also compare two master plans since that will be critical in making a strong informative recommendation to the organization. Finally, at the end of my proposal I will outline my tentative schedule and breakdown the costs that I expect to incur while putting together my recommendation report. Introduction

As Civil Engineer I have been hired by Assotech Limited to select the best master plan for a land area of 12.062 acres, which comprises of High Rise Towers of 2 BHK, 3BHK, 3 BHK + Servant room + Study & 4 BHK + Servant room + Study apartments as per the market requirements catering to buyers of all segments of the society. Some inventory of villas has also been introduced to take the advantage of huge demand for this. I have been hired to help the company choose between 2 possible master plans for the development. I will compare the two alternatives and recommend the best possible alternative for the company and the future residents. The company wants a master plan that takes into account the climatic conditions, sun and wind movement and incorporates these factors in our designs. I have to suggest the best alternative that will be the most efficient, the most cost effective option and also the most reliable over time for the homeowners and also maximize the use of natural elements in our buildings. Description of Case study

The site is strategically located at Sector 99; in the upcoming New Gurgaon Area (India), which is in close proximity to the newly built Terminal-3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport, .The topography of the site is majorly flat with minor level differences. The client needs a master plan that will build Low rise development on the Southern side and high raise development on the Northern side for maximum utilization of natural resources. Gurgaon falls in the Composite Climatic Zone of India having all types of climatic characteristics from hot & dry, warm, humid as well as cold conditions. A climatic data glance over the past two decades show that hottest months are from May till June and the coldest months are from December till January, normal Annual Rainfall being 553mm. The Average Annual Wind Direction is North West to South East. The winds in this zone on an average are light but gain force in summers and monsoons. The site is located south East to the master plan. The wind direction being North West to South East will bring purified cool breeze into the site. Human comfort is a function of four primary variables; air temperature, air movement, humidity, and the mean radiant temperature of interior surfaces. Natural ventilation is an energy efficient way to increase human comfort because air movement increases heat transfer from the surface when cooler outside air replaces warm and humid indoor air. Natural ventilation, unlike fan-forced ventilation, uses the natural forces of wind and buoyancy to deliver fresh air into buildings. To maximize Natural Ventilation in buildings we need:

* Set Building orientation to receive prevailing breezes
* Cooling of breezes by vegetative shading
* Introduction of water bodies along the wind path to control temperature. * Architectural devices such as wind chimneys, atria, courtyards, windows, and operable blinds to induce natural air flow.

The Two Plans:
The two types of master plans that Assotech limited are taking under consideration incorporates all the major factors...
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