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  • Published : December 15, 2010
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“PLATOON… DISMISSED!” said the platoon sergeant. Without skipping a heart beat a platoon of 45 marines responded “DISMISSED, I SIR!” They all took one step back, they smartly raised their right arms with elbows at a 45 degree bend, their fingers joined and aligned to the tip of their cover rendering a salute. The platoon sergeant saluted the platoon back and returned his arm back to his side. In unison the platoon about faced and let out a thunderous “00H RAH!” It is payday Friday, two days of liberty waits with no signs of the typical angry Staff Sergeant or at least until Monday. There is no greater feeling of proudly serving this country, but getting paid in the process is definitely a plus. Being a single marine stationed in Beaufort, SC living in the barracks at the rank of E-4 with more than 3 years of active duty service makes a gross monthly income of 2,094 dollars (DFAS). A single marine’s married counterpart with the same rank of E-4, with the same amount of active duty service makes the same amount of monthly income, but he or she also receives an extra 1,179 dollars a month known as BAH or basic allowance for housing (VA). How is that fair to all the single military members of the United States? Other than supposedly finding love, what makes being married special in the military? The U.S military is the only organization that pays more if one has a family. Congress should implement a new bill that would allow single members of the service the option of living off base or choosing the housing allowance to match the rates of married military personnel.

As a civilian working for Boeing or the Saint Mary’s county police department one wouldn’t get paid more because they have a spouse with 2 children. Income is determined by hourly rate times hours worked regardless of marital status. By giving single military personnel the option to live off base, this would give them the opportunity to get away from the confines of the typical barracks room, where...
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