Proposal and Exhibition Center

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1. Introduction

When it was recognized that computers were capable in developing technology. Transactions can improve like online transactions for online viewing of web page. This information is not directly involved in the decision-making process but is needed by management. The main purpose of a transaction is to produce information for other systems and to maintain the integrity of the data that is being processed. Internet nowadays has been the free and open access to the basic documents. Moreover, recognition that humans interact easily with visual objects has stimulated the development of symbolic graphics to facilitate communication between customers and computers. The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. Internet was at once a world-wide broadcasting capability, a mechanism for spreading information.

1.1 Background of the problem
The Exhibition Center for Contemporary Art (ECCA) , was the dream of the three ardent lovers of art the art collector Cesar Duque, the art dealer Mario Alcantara, and Manuel Duldulao, author of fifteen books on Philippine art. ECCA is the largest gallery in the Philippines. The main gallery measures more than 300 square meters and the stockroom is just as large. As much, many events, other than those related to art, are held in its venue. The gallery established since Feb 2005. The company opened in the public in May 2006,All three founders had only one person in mind to run it, Marila A. Burgos, who has been an art dealer since 1980, first with the Greenhills Art Center and later on her own. She is also the owner of (ECCA). The company are located in Atis Cor. Kaimito St. Valle Verde I, in Pasig City, called the Chateau Verde Business Center, ground floor for the main gallery and first floor for a stockroom. They have (26) books (2) books are coming soon. And they also have (500) pieces of painting since their gallery and they have only one (3) employee. It also has only one (1) branch which is the main branch of the company. Their company is not well-known or famous because they don’t have much public figure. Their transactions are walk in and phone in or through exhibits. Many artists in the philippines consigned their paintings to the gallery but limited customer only know the exhibit in ECCA . Exhibition Center for Contemporary Art (ECCA) has already their current inventory but it was done manually, they don’t have LAN- Based inventory system that will help them to determine the availability of such painting also they don’t have website. Therefore the proponents decided to update their current system.

1.2 Overview of the Current State Of The Technology
A client can go directly to the company and then when the customer liked the painting that is the time that they will buy their orders. Others will request which one of the painting they like and then the employee will show all the artist paintings manually. After that the receipt will be issue to the customer and then the customer should pay. After that the customers will pick it up right away. While when thru phone call the customers will give their opinion, then the employee will tell the customer if they are interested to buy some paintings, and then the employee will give the address to the customer to order thru walk in. On their inventory they manually/physically counting the products or paintings. They manually separate the section of books and paintings. They not accept any type of credit cards for payment, they only accept checks and cash. Because the customer direct to the gallery to see and buy paintings.

1.3 Project of Rationale
The proposed system provides Exhibition Center for Contemporary Art (ECCA) better and faster business process therefore the company will improve their advertising and inventory system. Make the works more precisely and organize. Moreover the proposed system will provide a website that will help them to advertise or show...
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