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Purchase Request and Ordering System for TRP (Software Development Proposal) Contents: Purchasing Request and Ordering System Background Client System Requirements Proposed Technology Platform Seiko IT Solution Philippines, Inc. Unit 2707 Antel Global Corporate Center, 3 Doña Julia Vargas Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1605 Tel N. (632) 6870692 Fax No. (632) 6874129

Proposed Technology Rational Application Development Strategy Scope of Work for this Proposal Estimated Total Man Hours Limitation and Condition Date Created: 2013 – 01 – 23 Proposal Date: 2013 – 01 - 23

PR/PO System Synopsis
The PR/PO System will be created to support the TRP Purchasing department for the different business processes they do which includes Purchase Requests, Purchase Order, Processing of Payments, Delivery/Issuance Info are some of them. The system is also created to provide a paperless report/document generation for the Purchasing department.

Client System Requirements
 Primary Goal To have a clear separation of tasks responsibility and accurate information accountability for the members of the different members involved in creating a purchase request, processing of purchase request payments, reports, etc.  Other Goal/s o o To provide a paperless way of creating reports or documents needed. To have a centralized data storage for the users to access in support of their business process and functionality through shared electronic data retrieval.

Business Flow that this System wants to achieve

Includes control and data entry over purchase requests, History of Purchases, Delivery Details, Purchase History


Supplier details Maintenance Supplier Price Maintentance

PO Form

Monitors Budget for each project for purchases made.

Data Uploading from Excel

Purchase Order Monitoring and data entry, Purchase approvals,

Targeted Primary Users of TRP (Stakeholders) o o o o Purchasing Department –Will be in charge of monitoring pending Purchase requests. Accounting Department – Will be in charge of budget control and approval and data upload. Department Heads – Will be in charge of approving pending purchase orders and requests. End-Users (All Department) – The end users who are doing purchase requests.

Detailed Requirements o Add multi-user level access with security limitations. To achieve the goal on this enhancement as stated here, the modules will have a view only, read/write and viewing access restriction depending on the user who login; and information for update/creation of new records will be monitored by adding an extra column in all the tables to determine the last user who edited or created the information. Excel file uploading for budget monitoring/management in the database. Purchase request and Purchase order approval and monitoring. Auto generated reports and documents. On time information sharing must be embedded into the system. For example an when the budget has exceeded, the users will be notified that they have to apply for additional budget in order to proceed with their purchases requests.


o o o

Proposed Technology Platform
To achieve the goals set forth in this document, SITP (Seiko IT Solution Philippines, Inc.) proposes the following technology to be used as the platform in which the system would run on top of.

Internet Information Service (IIS 7)

PR/PO System

SQL Server 2008


Proposed Technology Platform Rational
With the limitation of the different component stated in the document [Technology Platform Proposal] plus the client’s system requirements, the above platform is suggested with the following reasons:  It will provide a centralized location of both the database which contains the business process information and the application which will be residing in the IIS. Backup and restoration will only be done on the...
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