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TO:Pastor Leonel Robaina, Pastor from Ministerio Manantial de Amor FROM:Rebeca Hernandez
DATE:July 11, 2011
RE: Combat Type 2 Diabetes within the members of the Los Angeles church community.


Diabetes is a serious disease that cannot be cured and implementing an awareness program will help prevent many people from developing the disease. This proposal shows how to create a program that will help lower the incidence rates of diabetes in Latino communities. The program will demonstrate the importance of working out for 30 minutes a day, eating healthy meals and making annuals appointments for a routine physical exam. The incidence of diabetes amongst Latino residents in California is above the national average and therefore it is an important community to target. The cost for diabetes prevention programs can be affordable, even minimal. It is highly recommended to set an outreach program within the Ministerio Manantial De Amor Church community in Los Angeles, California. Bringing this outreach program into the community can help bring awareness and educational values that may be useful for the Latino community in their everyday lives. This proposal will help increase awareness of prevention strategies in the church and the outside community that will help many in the future. The Problem

The Background of Diabetes
According to the National Data Survey of 2010, Latinos the age 20 years or older were the second highest ethnic group in the United States diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the period 2007-2009 by 11.8% ( National Diabetes Statistic ,2011). The reason many Latinos develop Type 2 diabetes may be associated with old age, obesity, physical inactivity, race/ethnicity and a family history of diabetes (UC Berkeley School of Public Health, 2008). Latino minority groups are frequently affected by Type 2 diabetes because according to the 2006 census, 21.5 percent of Latinos were living at poverty level and they have the highest uninsured health coverage of any other racial ethnicity within the United States (U.S Human & Health Department, 2009). Aside from diagnosed diabetics there are 47 million people who are pre-diabetic (CDC, 2009). Diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death among Latinos according to U.S. data which indicates at least 71,382 death certificates in 2007 (National Diabetes Statistics, 2011).In Los Angeles County, the Latino population is 4,687,889 and out of this population, 2.5% have type 2 diabetes ( Public Health Los Angeles County, 2010). The purpose for this proposal is to provide educational classes to outreach the community within a church. Promoting healthy choices to the community may help decrease the incidence rates of diabetes among the Latino community. Decreasing the incidence rate of diabetes in the Latino community will help decrease the likelihood of developing any chronic diseases. A Solution to the Problem

There have been programs such as Kaiser Permanente Healthy choices, the National Diabetes Education Program ( NDEP), and L.A Care Health Plan that have successfully helped reduce the complications related to diabetes by 80% in 2010 (Diabetes, Healthy People, 2011). In order to reduce the chances of developing diabetes people should engage in physical activities and eat healthy meals (Melissa Soto, L.A Healthy Families, personal interview, April 22, 2011). The aim is to help the community of Los Angeles churches by implementing health educator programs about prevention and awareness of the consequences of diabetes in our community. Awareness can result in a decrease of type 2 diabetes in the Latino community.

Ministerio Manantial De Amor Discussion
The target population for this proposal is Ministerio Manantial De Amor Baptist Church, located in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. The congregation is made up of 300 members. Out of the 300 members, 95% are Latinos. This proposal is mainly for Reverend...
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