Topics: Competition, Nursing, August 15 Pages: 3 (567 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Singing Competition
Nursing Faculty

Organized By:
Nursing Student Council
13th & 15th of August ( Auditions ), 8th of September ( Actual Event ) Venue:
Simulated Ward of Segi University College and Multi Purpose Hall Organiser:
Nursing Student Council

a. Introduction
To allow students to show their talents in singing, playing an instrument or even giving a spectacular performance. Our aim is to give students an opportunity to showcase their hidden talents in singing and also to be able to express themselves through music and to build up their spirit of competitiveness. b. Objective

This activities aim to:
i. Give students an opportunity to showcase their singing talents. ii. Be able to help them boost their self- confidence through this competition. iii. Build up their spirit of competitiveness.

iv. Give them challenges in the competition to build up their character during the competition. v. Granting a sense of achievement whether they win or not. c. Date/ Time
13th & 15th August, 8th of September 2012
Auditions @ 5.30pm- 6.30pm
Actual Event@ 2pm- 4.30pm
d. Venue
Simulated Ward in The Nursing Department, Segi University College ( Auditions ) Multi Purpose Hall, Segi University College ( Actual Event ) e. Organiser
Nursing Student Council
f. Participants
Nursing Students

g. Entry Fees
RM2 per participant
h. Performances Involved
- An Opening Act by the Winners of Muhibah Night
- Performances by 6 contestants ( One Song per contestant )
- An impromptu singing challenge by the top 4
i. Organizing Team
Cheng Voon Hooi, Emelia ( Organiser )
Nur Amalina Binti Zainuddin ( Vice Organiser )
Tamilselvi Subramany ( Secretary )
Heng Khai Seen, Everlynn ( Treasurer )
Tan Eng Boon ( Prizes )
Muhibah Crew ( Backstage & PA )
Mohd. Alif Ifzan Bin Kamarudin & Hafizulzikri Bin Yusof ( Design & Decorations ) Shahir Azri Bin Suhaimi & Triwulanwahyuni Binti Edi ( Public Relations ) Nur...
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