Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him

Topics: Muhammad, Islam, Medina Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Prophet Muhammad
peace be upon him By
Saleh Al marshadi

Who is Muhammed ? peace be upon him
He is the Seal of the Prophets ( peace be upon them )

His birth and early life
He was born in Mecca, a city located in modern-day Saudi Arabia, in 570 AD ,His father, Abd Allah bin Abd Al-Muttalib, died before his birth. His mother, Aminah bint Wahab, died of illness when he was six years old. As an orphan, Muhammad peace be upon him was sent to be raised by his grandfather, who died two years later. Finally, the young boy passed to the care of one of his parental uncle called Abu Talib

His Personal qualities
People nicknamed him Al-Sadiq (The Truthful), because he never told a lie, and Alameen (The Trustworthy), because he never cheated. He was called upon frequently to mediate disputes between the people of Mecca. He was also known for his dislike of the pagan culture of the people of Mecca. He never worshipped the idols of( Quraysh) the tribe which he belong to . Instead, he made long retreats to a mountain cave called Hira , outside Mecca where he meditated.

His Mission
At the age of 40, while he was in solitude at Hira he received the first incident of revelation. He said the Angel Gabriel came to him and instructed him. In the following years, the Angel Gabriel instructed him to take the words of the Quran to the public. Mecca, at that time, was a center for trade and idol worship in Arabia, this made it a city of considerable prestige and wealth. The city’s leaders feared Muhammad’s message would end their status ,so they opposed him

His Teachings
Muhammad led a humble life, never distinguishing himself from the common person , living as the other , without guards and moved without entourage. He told people his job as a messenger of Allah was simply to remind what Allah had already revealed to humanity through previous prophets, including Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus , It is the belief that Allah created mankind to worship Him alone....
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