Prophecy: Jesus and Bible

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I have chosen the empirical evidence of the fulfillment of prophecy out of the ten arguments that the Bible is the word of God. I have chosen this because the Bible has proved to be 100 percent accurate over and over again with the prophecies. The bible has many prophecies which have been fulfilled. These predictions show us that the Bible is true and the Bible is the word of God. The Bible told us that God will give us a savior who will provide us a way to go to heaven. The prophets wrote about Jesus Christ hundreds of years before he ever came to the earth. They told us of the many miracles that Jesus would fulfill. He made the blind see, the deaf hear, cured those who had leprosy, and he raised people from the dead. The prophets told us about the crucifixion of Jesus, how he would rise three days later from the dead, and how people would witness this. If man could write all these prediction before they ever happen then god must had lead them to write the predictions. Only God could have written a book that told us the future with no mistake in the predictions. There is plenty of proof in the prediction. There are no mistakes up for an argument. I feel that this is the most convincing argument out of the ten arguments that the Bible is the word of God given to us by Mrs. Towns. There is no denying the proof in the words of the Bible.
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