Property of Matter

Topics: Intensive and extensive properties, Specific heat capacity, Temperature Pages: 3 (433 words) Published: November 12, 2012
“Is Density An Intensive Property Of Matter?”
By: Mikal Hayden - Gates

A. Introduction

The first unit we learned in chemistry was Alchemy. In this unit I learned about the extensive and intensive properties of matter. An extensive property is a property of matter that depends on the changes of the substances shape or amount. An intensive property is a property of matter that doesn’t depend on the substances shape or amount. The purpose of this investigation was to prove that density is an intensive property.

B. Methods

For this investigation my group used a graduated cylinder, triple-beam balance, modeling clay, and water. First, we broke the modeling into five different amounts and modeled them into different shapes. Next, we measured the mass of each object we made using the triple beam balance. Then, we measured the volume of each object by using the graduated cylinder. We did this by using the water displacement method. The water displacement method is when you put a certain amount of water in a graduated cylinder, then you put in the object you’re trying to find the volume of. The difference is the volume of that object. Lastly, we calculated the density of each object by using the density formula which is Density = Mass x Volume.

C. Results / Discussion

After we collected data my group constructed a graph and a table:

After my group made a table and graphed the data we looked to see if we prove the question. The sources of error in this investigation was measurement. One person wasn’t measuring the mass and volume. People round differently so the numbers could be off. Some of the masses we knew were off and could have measured the volume more accurately. We concluded that without the sources of error the density would have been the same proving that density is and intensive property.

D. Conclusion

The purpose of this investigation was to prove that density is an intensive property. We did this by using...
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