Property Manager

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Property Manager
The property manager has a primary responsibility to the landlord. The property manager will look after and monitor the building. If any problems draws their attention in the building they are responsible for renovating or upgrading the property. A building surveyor interacts with the property manager because they have to survey the property for them to point out any problems with the property. All the information gathered by the building surveyor Is passed on to the maintenance manager to see if any work needs done.

Electrical Surveyor
The electrical surveyor surveys any electrical equipment within a property or a construction project. They monitor electrical systems making sure their up to standard, follow regulations and are safe to the user. Electrical surveyors interacts with building surveyors when the building surveyor finds any problem with electrical equipment and then the building surveyor gets electrical surveyor for more detailed survey of the equipment.

The architect follows the RIBA plan of work and would brief his client getting all the details such as what he wants and how much he has to spend before he would design any thing. He needs to review it with the client and look at his alternative designs and construction approaches and the cost of this. He needs to find out to see that the project can even proceed by ensuring that it is feasible like can the building even be done or can it technically work like the structure of the build and is it financially in the clients budget range. They carry out studies of user requirements, site conditions, planning, design and cost etc as necessary to reach decisions Also the client would need to find out if it is even wise to actually build it will they actually benefit from the project. An architect would have to be creative and imaginative to do his job well. Architects could be nearly asked to design any type of building so they have to be open to all different types of...
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