Properties of Sound Waves

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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Sound waves travel in different material

A sound wave is a disturbance. When it travels through air, it bounces the air molecules around and they vibrate. They then hit other molecules and cause a chain reaction. In a different material, such as metal, sound actually travels faster. this is because the molecules are much more tightly packed (water is not dense because the molecules just roll over each other, and air is even less dense, with its molecules simply floating). This means the disturbance (sound wave) can hit more molecules and travel faster. Imagine having a big line of soccer balls, each 1 foot apart. When you kick the first, it takes a while for it to hit the second, then longer to hit the third, and so on. But if the balls were so close they almost touched, as soon as you kicked one, the last ball on the end would be moving almost instantly. This is how sound waves travel through metal and air

Parts of the Human Ear and Function
Outer Ear: The outer ear or external ear is the visible portion of the ear, which serves as a protective organ for the eardrum. It collects and guides sound waves into the middle ear. The outer ear consists of the following two parts.Ear Flap (Pinna) - The sound waves enter the ear via the ear flap or pinna.Ear Canal (Meatus) - The ear canal is about 2 cm in length. It amplifies the sound waves and channelizes them to the middle ear. Sweat glands are present in this canal, which secrete earwax.Middle Ear: The middle ear, located between the outer ear and the inner ear, perceives sound waves from the outer ear in the form of pressure waves. The middle ear is an air-filled cavity and consists of the following parts.Eardrum (Tympanic membrane) - The eardrum is a thin membrane that acts as a partition between the outer ear and the middle ear. It vibrates as soon as it receives sound waves, and transforms the sound energy into mechanical energy.Hammer (Malleus) - It is a tiny bone, located next to the eardrum. Since it...
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